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Praise for "Air": “Introspective, conscious, deep, intense, creative, soul-felt lyrics glide over dreamy, "barefoot" beats with a 70s feel... keeps all aspects of his music relevant, connected, and in harmony.... [MICjordan] includes creative tales of wonder along with the real street knowledge he's learned from California life. He often speaks positively of religion but against using power to deceive the people. Jordan alludes to modern and ancient mythology in the context of keeping an open mind - respecting diversity. He tackles topics such as politics, race, class, drugs, alcohol, and youth to adolescence to making a living... with fast and complex yet clear and compelling deliveries transferring to a calm, easy style... close your eyes and let Jordan guide your imagination and transform your perspective.”
Todd Osterhout - The Local Slice

This album is dedicated to the memories of Ben and Marie Beasley, Jackson Beasley, Brian Beasley, Pierre Mercurio, Francois Villani, Rachel Ellis, Arlam and Johnnie Carr, Arlam Carr, Jr., Kijane Brown, and Javier Aros.

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released December 25, 2012

all lyrics by MICjordan except where otherwise noted
all beats by TheGreenRoom
flute on "not to be sold" by Pastelle (Flute Angel)

all tracks recorded by MICjordan at Metroplex, Sacramento, CA
all tracks mixed by MICjordan except "time flies" mixed by Young Aundee
mastered by Pete Space and Ghosts Web at Sound Cap Audio, Sacramento, CA



all rights reserved


#thebarexam Sacramento, California

WesttKraven (aka TheGreenRoom) and MICjordan have been teaming up to create unconventional underground sounds since 2001. Rejecting the notion that hiphop shouldn't challenge its audience, the Sacramento, CA duo takes pride in making music the so-called 'wrong way.' ... more

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Track Name: 08#americanpimp
This is a song... about a man named Sam

Got his hat cocked to the side, Shaft walk when he stride, that talk that is jive
he's a peeeimp
Stay in clothes that's fly, most flavorful rides, paid by hoes at night,
he's a peeeimp! (x2)

Just look at him: bright red and blue jacket with white stripes
the stars are five-pointed, it's dark magic, not bright nights
long coattails and pants that flare at the ankle
with a tophat on top of a brainful of game, so
just know: if it ain't sold, it ain't the real thang, bro
he say he want you to join his gang, slang dope
throw grenades and help him make the whole dang world his stable
a simple exchange: you make his goals yours and take his gold,
he takes control of your brain
give you a slave's role, if he could, he'd rape your soul
but he'll settle for your thoughts
in the meantime, TV feed plant seeds in our dreams to mislead minds
so we sign then deed's line over to banks to re-fi,
to get a whiff of better shit, living leveraged,
what we buy's a free ride for creeps! (why?)
a pimp speaks lies more appealing than the real thing,
but his dreams are germinated by the seeds our greed provides!


Supposedly, his hand is strong, but it only strikes the weak
bringing spite to slight physiques, where's the might of which he speaks?
In Germany he smacked up his bottom bitch
in the Middle East and South America, he beefs with old accomplices
he stays paid, but never worked a day in his life
he wants a maid and a sexual slave, not a wife!
Does he love his own mom? Who's to know? One thing he proves, though:
he sure knows how to use a ho, each move's a show
excessive is the minimum
I won't say that he's gay, but it _is_ rather feminine
is it only me that thinks it's messed up
to see threats uttered by a man playing dress-up?
Is he a cowboy, or a pilot, or just nuts?
And that's the man you support and follow
always coming up short and hollow, shifty like a Porsche's throttle
so get it in gear, unless you're just stupid bitches whose ears
aren't discerning what isn't sincere!


I want you, bitch
you can join my team
I'll put you in fly clothes and fly gear
and we can do big things... ho