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I got a message from God,
He said "you'll rep and get respect but don't expect no applause,
before you even ask, yes it is hard,
to ever earn that, to even have a chance, know that you can never turn back"
word, black
so every time I choose to burn scratch to burn wax full of stern tracks,
my objective is odd:
to contact the first thought that emerged from blackness, a word lost in time and space
still reflected in all
we can see with eyes and ears, smell, taste or touch
I didn't make it up, I just make it what you hear now,
some of my peers made it suck, claim they clutch papers, chasing bucks, lame and fake as fuck,
I take the stage and bust and make 'em clear out,
like letting off the gauge, what a rush, it's amazing, plus, in every face, I see fear, wow
here pal: a penny for your thoughts,
when it was trendy you was gritty,
now that it's hipper to be a hipster you intentionally soft

eat a rapper like I'm off bath salts
when I rock like basalt
slash and burn like Cali's biggest cash crop
I ain't the type to grab the mic and slack off
my pants always sag cause I rap my ass off

the beat's palm to face, stay calm the place just got laced with napalm I sprayed on the break,
create songs and tapes off Js and bongs, I'm baked,
gone off an eighth of grapes, makin wrong statements like jakes on the take,
I'm rude boy, mami stays on my case
she juggle loads and love rockin a painted face,
don't even wipe it off... she wants to save a taste
what a shame like lames who leave the game disgraced,
I lay tracks underground to facilitate slave escapes
straight up, squares hating us 'cause we stay corrupt,
taping sluts who take-it-up the face and guts to make us bust/
you're not rappers, y'all inflatable dolls, fake fucks!
we make ducks mess up their make up, you make stuff up,
and that's why the game sucks, autistics trying to get the digits
these kids are offensive like saying 'stay up' to a midget,
my mind and quotes are both twisted and sick
spit lines so dope strippers sniff them off of my dick



from Heir​(​EP), released November 18, 2014
J. Jordan (beat)
J. Beasley (lyrics)



all rights reserved


#thebarexam Sacramento, California

WesttKraven (aka TheGreenRoom) and MICjordan have been teaming up to create unconventional underground sounds since 2001. Rejecting the notion that hiphop shouldn't challenge its audience, the Sacramento, CA duo takes pride in making music the so-called 'wrong way.' ... more

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