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masterful, elaborate handcrafted script
classical freak samples in/ labs, passionate
magical unique examples of mad craft and wit
casual ease, collabin with savs, that's the shit
battle foes, please pass me the dro, and the wick
catch us blowed, freestyles after shows, smashing cliques
crapping on their fitted caps, laughing while we flatten kids
while these plastic cats panic like they're trapped in Pan's Labyrinth
I'm the pinnacle of polemical penmanship, the principal
get my percentage and watch the interest grow, niggas know
at least if they're good with numbers, fill the backwood with lumber
what I dream of off the steam would make even Stevie wonder
in winter I speak the summer, in June I bring the rain
I speak on pain but it's just the feeling when people change
should I seek peace or fame? is it wrong to be hungry?
am I just a fool to not want to do it all for the money?
God was calling me plenty, I couldn't hear it though
my ego got so big it's hard for my spirit to grow
human beings are strange, my understanding is strained
where's the even exchange? It's underhanded and lame
when I reach for that chain, am I clamping my brain?
when I speak unrestrained, am I cramping my game?
is my heart ahead-of-my-mind, if-I'm-ahead-of-my-time-and it's wisdom I speak,
It might take a Century but you WILL see the vision eventually,

cancel calculus, disregard the law of averages
'cause what are the odds a squad so large would all be savages?
TPR and Sac, ya bitch, slapping sleepers' cabbages,
if your raps are lacking craft we flash like brandished laminates


from Heir​(​EP), track released November 18, 2014
J. Jordan (beat)
J. Beasley, C. Turner (lyrics)



all rights reserved


#thebarexam Sacramento, California

WesttKraven (aka TheGreenRoom) and MICjordan have been teaming up to create unconventional underground sounds since 2001. Rejecting the notion that hiphop shouldn't challenge its audience, the Sacramento, CA duo takes pride in making music the so-called 'wrong way.' ... more

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